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Bulletproof Luxury Cars by Stark Armoring Corporation


With random terrorist attacks, continued violence on the streets, and an increase in social injustice, our personal safety is becoming more of a prime concern than ever before.


The widespread violence around the world is contributing to alarming safety issues, not only affecting the rich and famous, but also for executives, diplomats, politicians and heads of state.


The armored car industry has been popular for a while overseas, but recently we are seeing a huge increase in buyers in the United States and Canada as concerned citizens take action to protect themselves.


Stark Armoring Manufacturing Canada is leading the wave in converting luxury vehicles into the ultimate protection to help for an easy escape when a threat occurs.

Stark Armoring Corporation


Creating custom built armored cars for elite customers including BMW, with vehicles designed to withstand a range of three risk categories – street crime (up to a .44 Magnum), organized crime (attacks with an automatic AK-47) and attacks with explosive devices. Mercedes Benz including Maybach S600 and Pullman Guard, which is heavily-armored and has a VR10-level for protection ,Land Rover, which includes a steel-plated armored passenger cell and windows of optical-quality multi-laminated armor privacy glass with a 4-6 inch opening in the driver’s window for passing documents, certified to VR8 standard against ballistic threats, which means it can withstand 7.62 mm high-velocity, armor-piercing incendiary rounds, 33 lb. TNT explosions, and DM51 grenades going off both beneath the floor and on the roof.

Stark Armoring Corporation also provides custom options including:


Designed to absorb the impact from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and lessening the shrapnel associated with pipe bombs, hand grenades, and other fragments around explosives. The Stark technology provides a lightweight, bomb suppression blanket that helps to absorb the blast impact.



Custom vehicles can be equipped with a Road Tack Dispenser which, when deployed, can greatly increase your chance to escape a dangerous situation. The system has been designed to allow the driver to remotely release tire damaging and deflating devices from behind the car’s rear wheels onto the roadway in order to disable the pursuit of a following vehicle.  Inside the console is a red toggle switch marked “TACKS” with a protective shield over the toggle to prevent accidental activation.



The vehicle can be equipped with an external microphone to allow protected communication with others outside of the vehicle without having to lower a window or open a door. This microphone is extremely sensitive and is mounted in or near the drivers outside door mirror.



Run-flat tires will carry you for 50 miles at 70 miles per hour, depending on road conditions. This is considered an adequate distance required to escape or leave a dangerous situation to a safe zone.



New options are now offered to create a smoke screen/cloud to be installed on the vehicle through a smoke generator. This machine heats a volatile material (oil or an oil based mixture) to evaporate it, then mixes the vapor with cool external air at a controlled rate so it condenses to a mist with a controlled droplet size.



The electric door handle system operates with a power inverter that converts the 12-volt battery voltage into a 120-volt current fed directly to the door handles. To operate the system, cars are installed with a shielded toggle switch inside the vehicle for added safety precautions.


The most popular models for armoring purpose is: Chevrolet Suburban and Mercedes Benz sedans and Sprinters Van.


 It really depended on what market the customers are in. That based on designs and based on the country where the vehicle is going. Vehicles like the Toyota Land Cruiser are very popular in the Middle East, in Nigeria the Range Rover and Mercedes Benz are very popular.


The world is not always safe and travel can be risky. If you visit dangerous places or hold an important position, armored cars are essential to maintain your personal safety and protect those around you. When you talk about transportation from point A to point B, that is an area you can’t control. You can’t control your surroundings. If you have an armored vehicle there is a solution to that concern.


Whether it is a random act of violence or an actual threat.

We are very proud to have some prominent clients including celebrities and officials figures, but we are getting more into a sector where its a doctors or businessman who feels a threat to their safety.


We have some high-end business leaders buying our cars as well for some peace of mind. There has been much discussion as far as families getting to their private bunkers in the case of an emergency.


The standard vehicle we are doing in our manufacturing in Canada is a B6, and that is the most popular armored protection. Whereas when you go into a country like Iraq, the cars have a B6+ or B7 (high powered rifle fire protection). All our vehicles looks original, drives original, and yet you are in a safe cocoon that does not appear armored. Some of our customers choosing B4 protection – light armored vehicles .


B4 protection is up through; 44 magnum, 357 magnum, 9 millimeter Uzi type of machine gun. Floors are also protected against hand grenades on that level. If you go up to a B6, you have the same coverage, but it will include just about any weapon you can bring to your shoulder, hunting rifles and things like that.  The vehicles with B6 protection purely as a defensive vehicle by not only protecting you, but allowing you to escape a dangerous situation.


Stark Armoring offering some options that you can add to your vehicle ( if its alloyed in your country ) .These options included: the smoke screen, the tack dispenser and the electric shocking system are actually all very practical. If you are concerned about somebody pursuing you, you have to use good judgement when you use these options, but it is meant to allow you to escape a dangerous situation.


Stark Armoring Canada offering a  standard package  for each B4, B6 or B7 protection , that we feel is adequate to sufficiently protect most people. It takes a trained mind to realize someone is shooting at your vehicle, and then don’t worry , you have time and ability to respond and escape and not to fight back. We lighten up the vehicles, we put run-flat tires , protect the battery, the ECM, the fuel tank and we upgrade the suspension on all ours vehicles what will give you the ability to escape safe.


If you have any questions or concerns we are always here for you ;

+(1)705-718-7705 – txt, Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facetime -any time


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